Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cat is Lion at Home

ROAR! Bubba loves his Hattie's Garden Grass

Yes, we did get the plastic back on the hoophouse. Thanks to a couple Freemans, and a calm warm day this fall. We planted it up & I'd have to 'check our records' to tell you when we planted, but I tell you it grew so fast & furious, the produce is a little ahead of schedule. Well a lil bit maybe who knows. But I do know it has been a gracious fall as far as temps go. And since it all grew & is near done I think we are going to try some replanting. crazy tawk!

Who you ask is that person in the background? Well, I know its my signature color, but its not me, I'm not that graceful. Its DEB! and next time I will ask her permission and actually put a pic of her face in the blog if she lets me....She is our SUPER VOLUNTEER!

And this is the AMAZING VEG of the week. so sweet & tender. Kinda seems like a cross between Pak/Bok Choi and Broc Raab. You will not be disappointed if you got in under the wire to order this lil guy. Well, what was left after the harvest snacking.....


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