Sunday, January 15, 2012

what is winter for?

Dreaming of pest free farming
Dreaming of the seed order
Dreaming of planning sessions
Sleeping and dreaming
Sleeping and eating
Eating and feeding
Oh yeah! wake up & harvest!!

We have had a very mild winter thus far. We are prepared with plastic & hoops & all manner of protection. Up until this week the cold came & went. Replaced by temps that belong in the spring.
I am not complainin mind you. I'm enjoying harvesting without the fingers going numb. And there it is! we still have food we are harvesting! And the people are hungry! For that we are grateful. Its been steady cold for a few days now and we are okay with that too. The sun seems to come out just as we need it.

The not farming part of farming
There is time for a few other things, such as, a new email system, so everyone gets the winter delivery email, and its fancied up with pics and links. Overall it is more friendly to the user. Nice goin Hattie! And I was able to fancy up the old website template with some new photos and hopefully more useful information, check it out.

Returnin' Super Special Guest
We were lucky to enlist a real live master to handle a few of the pesky tasks we didn't know how to tackle.

Andy Shaw, master rot chaser, who usually works with an ever-rotting wooden boat, came by & chased some away from our outdoor shed/ veggie cooling unit. He knows what he is doing.

Then we had a return visit , when he made 3 amazing & spectacular tables for the hoophouse.
No more ( well, less) back breaking bending while we grow the bedding plants! Super Special!

Thanks Andy for your much needed work and your charming presence on the farm.

Since my extent of 'carpentry' is hammering a few nails into the wall...
It was for a good cause to get the tools organized. Added a few years to my life.
Thing of beauty, ain? I like it.
There is a lot more to do than we have done thus far. But that's another day. Time to sleep & dream.


  1. Lovely! Winter is for rest and quietude and crystalline vistas...of spectacular meteor showers and stars to wish upon...and honouring the old year while welcoming the new...of hearth, heart and home with woolie blankies and big fuzzy socks, a crackling fire and a snoring pet or two....of dreaming of new life huddled deep beneath the snow.

  2. Them thar tools IS a thang of beautiness. Say hi to your "Andyman", hon. Nice to see the pics.