Friday, February 17, 2012

because yer werth it

I honestly have been kinda mute lately, nothing much is exciting me. "They" tell me it's winter and that's why I'm slothy. I never buy that, it's just an excuse if you ask me. Not that I do anything to prove them wrong. I'm a pisces, waddaaya want?

I am excited about the new tables Andy built. Thanks Andy! We are using them a lil bit so far. Aint they purdy? They will be in full swing in about a month or so.

So here are a couple blogs / websites / whatnots that have caught my eye. And sointantly not ALL. maybe I'll use this blog entry as the link page... maybe.

Carrot Pie - I heard about this from Mary Janes farm we will have them again...

'Cause we ALL need a little more flexibility and I just want to do yoga all the time.... Garden Yoga

Growing in winter is a new concept for many. This is what we been trying to manage all winter... because Fresher is Better. And local beats supermarket organic anyday. Don't get me started.

I am incredibly intrigued by this man's legacy... farmer & philosopher

There are lotsa things going on in the activist realm... Specifically 'they who shall not be named' there are steps being made in the courts, and I think the cloak is slowly being dissolved. If they can't be squashed permanently, then level the field. Label it.

I can't help but promote Marc Steiner and his NPR show On Delmarva , when I am late to work, which is absolutely NEVER! ahem.. anywho... I catch him interviewing and presenting stories that are important to us here in this wunnerful place we call delmarvalous. And when I miss it of course there is always the podcasts.
The website says it best : "On Delmarva will showcase the multitude of voices that call this land home. It will tell their stories and tackle the issues. It will bring together individuals that may disagree on many points yet are united around one point – their passion about our Peninsula."

Our Faithfuls:
We'd also like to thank you all for supporting our delivery service all winter with your orders. The local farmers and vendors we present weekly on the off season certainly would thank you too.

Other thank yous & misc. whatnots
There has been some 'organization' goin on at the farm. It's put a few years back on my life. Knowing where things are & having a place for everything feels good. It's an endless battle, but I started the fight... I'd like to thank all the hoes for hangin 'round.

Boxing Octopus... AKA, coat rack. I call this carpentry.

One thing I am not so thankful for: A BUSTED PUMP HEAD. We had a freeze maybe once or twice so far this winter, and one of 'em I was the shutter downer, and big FAIL, lawd bee. I hear a Good Samaritan farmer pal might give us a hand to fix it. Lesson learned.

And when you are done with this blog please compost or recycle it.
A fav blog of mine with some tips .

Here's hopin the arugula grows and we get no snows.

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