Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We barely knew ye....

Not much to look at from this angle but the tomato plants are GOIN IN! This will be the 3rd turnover in the hooper. and now will be all maters all the time until October.

What a winter its been. If you blinked you missed it. Enjoyable it was to harvest & deliver all through it. Its just turned spring officially and I've seen the dreaded needle head skeeter.

That my friends will be the payback for the mild winter, but I will keep the groanin to a min.
( no I won't ).

We are already plantin the outside up with arugula & lettuce & sugah snaps & snow peas & carrots and and and we are off to a good start.

Keep yer eyeballs peeled for our upcoming plant sales at the farm, we'll sell produce too. And on those days the delivery will not happen, After all it's just the 2 of us, and the clone machine is on backorder.

enjoy the weather!

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