Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This time its on my mind, yes it is.

Get your soil ready because our beautiful transplants are looking for a home. We had our first official sale Saturday, and it was a success! MANY plants found new homes.  No delivery next weekend so we can get the garden planted up, but we will have the 2nd plant sale.  You can check out our offerings here:  Plant List

The rain came just in time Sunday, Its been so dry even irrigating was not doing the job. Powder keg dry. Got about 3 inches! We love you Motha Nature!

This rain will make next weeks transplants happy, wet soil=happy plants. We just might be doing it right this year, or getting lucky with some skilz.

The winter rye is mowed down, the pea tendrils are trying to bloom. The snow/snap peas are reachin for the sky, tomatoes are snug in the hooper, lettuce & radishes & turnips are poppin, The garden looks pretty nice, maybe you should come over next weekend for the sale & visit!!

Austrian Winter Pea Bloom...

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